White Label Product Agreement

To find potential private label partners, search the Internet for “private label” and you`ll find hundreds of companies marketing private label products in dozens of ways. Also visit the Private Label Manufacturers Association, which organizes trade shows and provides information to potential private label manufacturers. Inventors need a prototype that “looks, works like” before they get a private label deal. A company not only wants to see your product, but also test it before deciding to move on. If you can`t make the prototype, you can hire a contract manufacturer to make it at a low cost to you – provided you sign an agreement to give them the deal when you get the sale. The agreement must define the level of customer expectations. It is expensive for companies to develop new products, so often, instead of developing complementary products or products that do not make millions, companies allow or sell them on a private label basis to save money on product development. You need to talk to end users or target customers, the more influential they are, the better, the companies you`ll turn to for a private label business. You want to meet influential people in the sales channel. Your support for your product can play an important role in getting a private label agreement.

Request an order from the buyer and indicate that you will deliver the product in the buyer`s package or that you will modify your package according to the buyer`s specifications. If necessary, you can also provide training to the buyer`s sellers and even offer to maintain a website for the product. If you`re selling to a retailer, you might want to offer a display, and you may even see a table of the complementary products you want your product to appear next to it. Companies that buy private label products are usually not too concerned about your patent status. However, you run the risk that the company decides to manufacture the product or that a competitor will quickly introduce the same product. .