Swissport Collective Agreement Toronto

MONTREAL — Members of Swissport`s unions at Montreal-Trudeau and Mirabel airports have ratified by 80 per cent the policy agreement to renew their collective agreement. After 11 weeks on the picket lines, 700 baggage handlers and other ground crews at Toronto Pearson International Airport ended their strike against Swissport last month. The workers represented by the Teamsters Canada union only ratified the proposed contract at 63 per cent, citing widespread dissatisfaction with the union`s agreement with the transnational company. ADM Montreal Airports is pleased to learn that the agreement between Swissport Canada and its union has been ratified by staff. The three-year contract provides for increases in all salaries and pay scales with no pay scales of less than $15.00 per hour. “Swissport`s launch rate is now much better than Air Canada, Porter, Global Aviation, Strategic Aviation, Menzies Fuel, Menzies Ground and Innotech Aviation,” said Corrado. For members of ramp, PSA and OPS with an entry wage of $14.59 per hour, they now receive $15.25 per hour or an immediate increase of 5.3 percent and 9.5 percent over the life of the agreement. For ramp, PSA and OPS Level 1 members, they receive an immediate increase of 7.3 percent and an 11.7 percent increase over the duration of the agreement. Subject: Update – Interim Agreement accepted by Swissport Canada employees The interim agreement was reached in the early hours of Wednesday, following a conciliation meeting with the employer and union on Tuesday. Out of respect for its members, the union will not disclose the details of the preliminary agreement to the public until members have had the opportunity to verify it first. Mechanics who climb to $27.11 an hour will receive an immediate wage increase of 3 per cent, or 9.3 per cent over the life of the agreement.

Mechanical assistants who increase to $15.83 per hour receive an immediate wage increase of 9.3 per cent, or 15.3 per cent, over the life of the agreement. Toronto, October 11, 2017 – Teamsters Local Union 419 and Swissport reached a tentative agreement on the night of Tuesday, October 10. The agreement must now be ratified by members at the trade union meeting on Sunday, October 15. Swissport employees protest near Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport in Montreal, Tuesday, December 31, 2019. About 108 workers responsible for refuelling the planes left work on Tuesday morning after being unable to reach an agreement with Swissport. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes In the midst of an ongoing strike for almost a month, an interim agreement has been reached on a collective agreement between airport operators and Swissport. This was a second tentative agreement for both parties, after the first, on 21 December, was rejected by members in a 90 percent vote. Ten days later, they went on strike. On 30 January, an interim agreement was ratified on the renewal of the collective agreement of Swissport employees, who are responsible for refuelling YUL and YMX aircraft. For workers at Blue Circled Ramp, PSA and OPS, who currently stand at $14.92, $15.37 or $15.83 per hour, they advance to $16.30 per hour and immediately receive 9.3%, 6.1% and 3% wage increases.

This corresponds to a value of 14.2 per cent, 10.9 per cent and 7.7 per cent over the life of the agreement. The union`s bargaining committee recommends that members accept the agreement. The strike will continue until the interim agreement is formally ratified. For foster dogs that increase to $15.00 an hour as starting wages, they receive an immediate pay increase of 5.9 percent of 10.2 percent over the life of the agreement, and caregivers who advance to Level 1 with $15.30 per hour receive an immediate increase of 8 percent or 12.4 percent over the life of the agreement.