Real Estate Photography Service Agreement

Delivery is via dropbox, a Google download or a similar image download service link to the email address (s) you provided. All images are delivered in this format: Images JPG MLS Size 2000×1600; sizes and extra plants on request. WE DO NOT PROVIDE RAW FILES. The images are available for download for up to 30 days; Requests for downloads after 30 days may result in additional costs or may not be available. PLEASE SAVE YOUR PHOTOS AFTER DELIVERY. This notification and email notification is considered the full conclusion of this contract by R-E Photography UTAH. A USB stick can be provided for a fee. Talk to the customer about yourself, update them on how you work: service charges, processing time, photo session conditions, etc. If you discuss with the client all the general terms of real estate photography, this will help to maintain mutual respect for the parties. I often get emails about real estate photography contracts and their role in my business. In this article, you will find all the frequently asked questions about these documents. According to the law, the photographer who presses the trigger on the camera is a copyright holder of the photograph.

To transfer entire or partial copyrights to another party, you should have a legal document – the real estate photography contract. For the purposes of this agreement, “the Agency” has “the broker” and/or “the client” where the context allows to contain their respective agents, the under-licensed and the rightful owners. In cases where the photographer`s client is a direct client (i.e. excluding the agency or intermediary), all references contained in this agreement are interpreted to both the “agency” and the “client” as references to the photographer`s client. For the purposes of this agreement, “The Photographer” means the author of the photo, R`E Photography UTAH and/or Dave Koch. And, if the context admits, contain their respective agents, the under-licensed and the rightful owners. “Photographs,” “images” and “works” refer to all photographic material provided by the photographer, whether it is transparency, negatives, prints, digital files or other types of physical or electronic material that exist or still need to be developed. Transfer agreement: in this model of agreement, the photographer entrusts to the broker all the rights, titles and interests of the photographs. Download: DOC PDF Work Contract: This standard agreement provides that the photographs ordered are a “Work for Hire”, i.e. the client automatically owns the photos of their creation. Download: DOC PDF If you take interior photos for a list of fashion magazines or external images for the designer`s portfolio, your photos are used for marketing and advertising purposes. Here, during photography, the copyright of the photograph must be taken into account.

If the real estate agent has specific photography conditions of the photo shooting property, including lighting, angles, effects, etc., ask him/her in advance. Alternatively, organize the photo shoot with your own professional vision and real estate photography tips that draw attention to experience, property condition and other factors.