Owner Affidavit And Indemnity Agreement

An affidavit of the owner is a document used by title and closing agencies to ensure that the current owner of a property is free and free of charges in the ownership of the property. By signing an affidavit from the owner, the owner assumes full responsibility for certain charges on the land that are not covered by the title insurance policy. Any contract, option or right to purchase that is not included in the transaction for which this affidavit is made. This affidavit is made in order to induce the title and year-end agent and its sub-author to pay all funds held as a resolution body and/or issue a title insurance policy or other securities. Affiant thus releases the title and year-end agent and its sub-author from any loss or expense, including attorneys` fees, due to the fact that any of the above questions are not true and accurate. From time to time, an owner of real estate may enter into an agreement granting a third party a right to the property, but this agreement is not recorded in the public registration. The owner`s affidavit puts the seller on the hook for any claims that may arise, which are not covered by the title insurance policy. Contact Walnut Ridge Title for more questions. The Affant(s), John and Jane Smith, married, first duly sworn, file and make the following declarations on the property of 123 State Route 456, Anytown, Ohio 98765. See Appendix “A” for a full legal description: It is Walnut Ridge Title`s policy that all sellers sign an affidavit of the owner to ensure that the buyer is best protected from potential claims. Title insurance combined with an affidavit from the owner provides security when buying real estate. The owner`s affidavit is an extra layer of protection for the buyer of the property. Absolutely, but a title search can only record charges such as judgments, tax instructions, mortgages, priorities, and publicly registered easements.