Media Partner Agreement

The IIB Council believes that partnerships are the key to expanding our community of technology enthusiasts around the world, whether they are interested in blockchain, digital marketing or other technologies in development. Be part of our mission to be fully transparent with our partners in order to win a lucrative long-term relationship that benefits our audience in the long term. The following agreement allows you to learn more about the benefits you can expect and the requirements required to obtain your status as an official partner of the IIB Council. Once you submit your application form, we can verify it and inform it of the status of your application within 5 business days. (Please note that all fields are required unless otherwise stated) In signing herein, I herein declare that the information contained in this application is accurate and accurate and that I am authorized to sign a contractual agreement for this institution. 3.4 Each party reserves the right to immediately terminate the use of its trademark or copyright documents by the use of its trademark or copyright documents by written notification to the other party if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the other party has violated the terms of this Agreement. I agree with the terms of the partnership agreements (please read carefully before filing) A media agreement will probably not last forever and the contract must indicate how it can be terminated, which does not harm any party. Insert a clause that allows a timetable for a consistent check. For example, after a year of partnership is concluded, both parties may need one week to review the current contract and propose an amendment or termination. If one of the parties wishes to terminate the contract in the middle of the year, there must be a clause that also explains how to do so. They may include, for example. B, that each party must submit a 30-day written notification for termination of the contract outside the review window at the end of the year.

A media partnership contract can be an effective weapon in the marketing and public relations arsenal. An organization that works with a media partner provides access to exclusive expertise and stories and in return receives good media coverage. Media partnership agreements are often attempted by organizations with non-large advertising budgets. You have the most success if the organization has something valuable to offer something to the media partner, like. B a link with a strong and serious brand, access to wanted people or frequent exclusive stories. 5.5 The confidentiality obligations set out above apply beyond the termination of this Agreement and will remain in effect as long as this confidential information remains confidential. 5.2 Each party may disclose the confidential information it has received from the other person only as part of the implementation of this agreement to its competent staff, who must receive this confidential information and who have entered into an agreement with appropriate confidentiality clauses.