Introducer Agreement Template Uk

Both parties undertake to act in good faith and, in particular, the service provider is required to do nothing that could harm the importer. Two companies can use this introductory commission agreement, whether they are individual entrepreneurs or large organizations or a mixture of the two. This agreement was not established in accordance with the rules of the ACF or the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and therefore does not undertake to comply with it. This agreement is therefore unsuitable for the introduction of clients for financial services such as insurance products or investment advice. This is a very brief question and simply specifies that the importer (known as the company) will offer introductions if it believes that there is an appropriate opportunity. Moreover, the Data Protection Act may be relevant in this regard and the company should take into account the effects of this legislation. This agreement does not require the importer to find orders for you or to sell your products or services on your behalf as an intermediary. On the contrary, we have the option of preventing it from competing with you and selling similar goods or services. Agents distinguish themselves from agents by not selling or transmitting orders or by accepting orders on behalf of the other party.

They only refer potential customers to the supplier. Once the introduction is completed, the importer no longer plays any role in the relationship between the supplier and the potential customer. If you operate an internet business, our model model may be better suited to the terms and conditions. Not only can it be used to regulate affiliate programs, but it can also be treated for individual initiation agreements when the transfer is made online. We also have a shorter commission contract, document A132 The introductor will keep copies of all agreements with sub-suppliers, and the distributor will have access on request to see these agreements. In some cases, the financial conditions of these agreements may be clouded. These sub-introduction agreements will, for the most part, be joined in the form of this agreement and a standard model in Appendix A. Any notification as part of the agreement must be made in writing. 2.2 All potential customers that the introductor wishes to present to the distributor must be presented separately. This list is displayed in appendix 1 to this agreement. The importer has the right to terminate the contract at any time if the service provider commits a breach of conditions or becomes insolvent.

In this paragraph, the importer states that it does not guarantee the creditworthiness of a customer presented to the service provider, nor any introduction resulting from the agreement.